Recovering from a car accident can be a daunting journey filled with uncertainties and challenges. As your dedicated personal injury attorneys, we understand the concerns you may face and the importance of addressing maximum compensation.

At Howard Injury Law, we want to guide you through the claims process and help ease your burden as you navigate the road to recovery.

Common FAQs: 

“How much does a lawyer in Nevada cost?”

You can get help from us at no upfront cost. Howard Injury Law promises to not take more money than you at the end of your case and we will have it in writing. That means you don’t have to dip into your savings, go into debt, or borrow money from family or friends.

“What should I do immediately after a car accident?”

Your immediate priority should be safety. Ensure everyone involved is safe and seek medical attention for any injuries. Contact law enforcement to report the accident and gather essential information from the scene.

“How can I protect my rights when dealing with insurance companies?”

It’s crucial to be cautious when speaking to insurance adjusters. Avoid providing recorded statements or admitting fault. Instead, consult with us before communicating with insurance companies to protect your rights and ensure fair treatment.

“What evidence should I gather from the accident scene?”

Document the accident scene by taking photographs of vehicle damage, road conditions, and any visible injuries. Obtain contact information from witnesses and request a copy of the police report for documentation purposes.

“What if I’m experiencing pain or discomfort after the accident?”

Seek immediate medical attention for any injuries or symptoms, even if they seem minor. Follow your treatment plan and keep detailed records of medical expenses and treatments to support your claim for compensation.

“How can I afford medical treatment if I don’t have health insurance?”

Your attorney can help explore options for obtaining medical treatment, such as medical payment coverage or treatment on a lien basis. Additionally, compensation for medical expenses may be sought through your personal injury claim.

“What if I’m unable to work due to my injuries?”

Document any missed workdays and obtain documentation from your employer to support your claim for lost wages. Compensation for lost wages may be pursued as part of your personal injury claim. 

“What’s the value of my case?”

It depends. It varies on a case-by-case basis under Nevada law. Numerous factors contribute to its valuation such as your involvement in the accident, present and future work capabilities, extent of pain and suffering, earning capacity, lost wages, injury severity, medical expenses, and incident specifics all play roles in determining its value.

Taking proactive steps to protect your rights, you can navigate the claims process with confidence and pursue the compensation you deserve. If you have additional questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for assistance.

Schedule a free consultation with Howard Injury Law at 702.331.5722 to find out if you have a winnable case. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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